Vitals: George, Jr. & Jane Guilliford Leslie

Leslie Family stone, Bull Creek Cemetery, West Deer Twp.

George, Jr. (c.1769-1821) b. New London Twp., Chester Co., PA; r. West Deer Twp., Allegheny Co., PA (son of George, Sr. & Mary Leslie; Farmer)
-buried: Bull Creek Cemetry, WDT

 Jane Guilliford (1776-  ) b. unknown; r. WDT (parents unknown; Homemaker)
-buried: Bull Creek Cemetery, WDT

Marriage: January 29, 1802; one source lists George’s wife as Rebecca Ferguson, married by Rev. Abraham Boyd at Bull Creek Presbyterian, WDT. She would have been the daughter of David Ferguson (1745-1831) American Revolutionary War of Northern Ireland and Susannah Pollard Lacey (1759-1825) of England.

Children: (four children & father George died in 1821 Typhoid Fever epidemic)

1. Nancy (1802- ) (m. _____ Hutz)
2. George, Jr. (1804-1821) died of Typhoid
3. Mary (1806-1821) died of Typhoid
4. Sara (1808-1821) died of Typhoid
5. Margaret (1812-1826) died of Tuberculosis
6. Robert (1815-1821) died of Typhoid
7. Elizabeth (1818-1895) b & r WDT (m. William Gray; my great-great grandparents)
8. William (1820-1868) (m. Sara Bell Jack)


Notes from Edna Gray. 1 October 1987

Leslie to Gray family farm deed transfer

Original family narrative from Gary Grubbs


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