Table of Contents: Gray


Our Gray Family Tree

Vitals of our Gray Family

Causes of Death: Gray & Associated Families (.pdf)

Our Pioneer James Gray:
Alternative Narratives as to his Origin

Photo Album: Gray

Research/Writing in Progress

Christianity Comes Home:
Part I: Our Families’ Faith Journey
Part II: A Short History of the Reformation
Part III: A Summary of our Recent Anabaptist Heritage Tour
Part IV: Our American Amish

Background on the Scots-Irish
Some Scottish Symbols & Traditions
Naming Practices in Scotland

My First Visit to the Ligonier Highland Games

A Gray Family History by Rodney Gray

Rev. Abraham Boyd & Bull Creek Church

On the Bicentennial of James & Mary Gray’s Wedding

Descendants of William Sylvester & Elizabeth Leslie Gray

Our Grays in the Civil War book, Under the Red Patch

The Bann Valley, County Derry, NI, Gray Family

Were the Old Grays “Border Reivers”?
Yes, the Grays were “Border Reivers”:
A Brief Synopsis of Fraser’s book, The Steel Bonnets

Lady Jane Grey: Queen for Nine Days

Last Will & Testament of Elizabeth Leslie Gray (1818-1895)

Descendants of Robert Patterson & Annie Sim(s) Gray

Robert P. Gray in the American Civil War
A Civil War Journal: Robert Gray, 6th Reg. PA Volunteers

Kellar Hull Listing of the Robert & Annie Gray Collection
Summary & Commentary on the Robert & Annie Collection
Obituary: Robert Patterson Gray (1844-1928)
Last Will & Testament of Robert P. Gray (1844-1928)

(2X)Great-Uncle Samuel A. Gray:
Part I – The Civil War
Part II – A Letter from Civil War Camp
Part III – Moving West

A 1901 Letter from Samuel A. Gray to brother Robert P. Gray
A 1906 Letter from Samuel to brother Robert Gray
Voices from Across the Continent: Two Gray Family Letters (1908)
Four Postcards from a Sanitarium (1911)
Letter from Robert P. Gray, Lynn Haven to Home (1913)

My Grandfather Paul B. Gray, the Gardener
Descendants of Paul Barton & Bertha Iona Gray

My Mother Ruth:
Part I – The Early Days
Part II – Her Parents & Grandparents
Part III – Early Married Life
Part IV – Her Later Years
Eulogy for Ruth Pearce, My Mother
“Like Mother, Like Daughter”: A Eulogy for Ruth

Short Stories from the Gray Family History:
Part I: “My First Trip to Florida- A Brief Encounter”
Part II: “Family, Faith, & Education”
Part III: “Memories of my Parents”

The Unusual Life of Uncle Merle Gray
Merle Gray: Great-grandson of Civil War Teamster, William Gray

Fifty Years of Gray Reunions (1955-2004)
Letter from a Gray Family Matriarch on Preserving History

Robert & Annie Gray Reunion News: 2014

A Meeting of the Senior Gray Cousins (1998)

Touring the Old Gray Homesteads
Letter about the Old Gray Homestead

Our Connection to the Great Coal Miners’ Strike of 1927

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