Vitals: Christian, Sr. & Elizabeth Miller Baer

Christian, Sr. (1800-1862) b. Germany or Switzerland coming to America in 1821 with brothers John & Ole; r. Stoneycreek & Conemaugh Twps., Somerset Co., PA (possibly son of John Jacob Bare; Farmer, weaver & cooper)
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA (First row toward church, lower left; Christian’s stone is badly damaged) (GPS 40.19998,-78.95567)

Blough Mennonite Cemetery Conemaugh Twp., PA

Blough Mennonite Cemetery
Conemaugh Twp., PA

Elizabeth (1809-1878) b. probably Brothersvalley Twp., Somerset Co, PA; r. Conemaugh Twp. (daughter of Christian & Susannah Musser Miller – research is ongoing as to possible connection to descendants of Hannes “Indian John” Miller)
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA (First row toward church, lower left; Elisabeth’s stone is legible) (GPS: same as above)

Religious affiliation: Amish-Mennonite

Marriage: (c. 1816) place unknown

1. Solomon J. (1827-1885) b & r Stoneycreek Twp., Somerset Co. (m. Agnes L. ___)
-burial: Pike COB Cemetery, Brotherton, Stoneycreek Twp.
2. John (1831-  ) b. Somerset Co.; r. Shelby Co., IA; m. Rachel Blough)
-military: 24th Iowa Infantry, 1862
3. Abraham (1834-1895) b & r Conemaugh Twp. (m. Sarah Miller)
-burial: Maple Springs Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp.
4. Anna (1835- )
5. Jacob (1839- )
-military: GAR PA Regiment; froze to death while on picket duty
6. Christian , Jr. (1843- )
7. Catherine (1845-1897) b & r Conemaugh Twp. (m. Rev. Peter A. Blough)
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery, Conemaugh Twp.
8. Mary/Maria (1847- )
9. Susanna “Susan” (1850-1915) b & r Somerset Co. (m. Jacob A. Blough)
-burial: Blough Mennonite Cemetery


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